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Air Dried Ostrich Bone

The description below summarises why we have chosen this incredible product to kick off our bones collection. Large, raw, airdried ostrich bone x1. Remember to supervise bone chewing at all times.


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If you haven’t come across ostrich bones then you (well, your dog) is in for a real treat.

 They are delicious, nutritional and suitable for most breeds
 Low fat & high protein
 Hypoallergenic
 Novel protein source
 Natural dental chew
 Designed to go soft in the dogs saliva, easy to digest
 Grain Free & gluten Free
 Source responsibility by our importer
 And because they have a honeycomb centre, they are great for water play too

suitable for puppies over 3 months old, fed in moderation as a healthy treat and with all bones and chews, do not leave your dog unattended with them.

What our taste testers say:

“She chewed it until her jaw got tired and then hid it under her bed”

“It made a bit of a mess on the rug but it vacuumed up easy peasy”

“I love the way they are both gnawing to get the fleshy bits off”

“He chewed it until he fell asleep on it!”

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